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Saturday, September 30, 2006

Are Internet Phone Services For You?

A Broadband Phone Services Comparison

What Are Broadband Phone Services?

Sometimes called Internet phones, broadband phones use the Internet instead of regular phone networks to transmit phone calls. VoIP technology (Voice over Internet Protocol) converts your voice into digital packets that are sent over the ‘Net and converted back into analog signals before they reach the receiver on the other end.

The beauty of these broadband phone services from the user’s point of view is that they work just like a regular phone once they’re set up. The phone rings, and you pick it up. Or call someone, just as you usually would. (Note that I’m talking about hardware broadband phones here rather than software broadband phone services that need to operate through a computer.) And like other phone services, you can get broadband phone services bundled with all kinds of other phone services, such as caller ID, call waiting and voicemail.

The main selling point of Internet phones and broadband phone services is savings on long-distance phone calls; because your broadband phone call travels over the Internet instead of over regular phone lines, your call bypasses regular Telco tolls – making broadband phone services less expensive than “regular” phone services.

nd many broadband phone service providers offer free calls between users of the same broadband phone service provider.

Broadband Phone Service Choices

There are currently two main competitors in the broadband phone services field; Primus and Vonage, although many other phone and cable companies are leaping onto the broadband bandwagon. Look for Telus, Bell, Shaw, Rogers, and all the other big players to bring out their own broadband phone service packages. (Some already have broadband phone services available in limited areas.)

Catches To Using Broadband Phone Services

* You have to have a high-speed Internet connection (DSL, Cable, T1 line or greater access)to use broadband phone services. Primus says that their TalkBroadband Service works with most wireless ISPs.

* Broadband phone services are subject to all of the same security and reliability issues as anything else that’s Internet based – power outages or viruses could knock out your Internet phone.

* Sound quality is still an issue. Broadband phone users may experience distortion and clipped sentences.

* Not all broadband phone service providers offer 911 services – and those that do may only offer basic 911 service. Basic 911 emergency networks can't determine a caller's location or telephone number, meaning that you must provide this information to a call taker.

* Contrary to what many people think, long distance calls are NOT free using broadband phone services. While some plans offer unlimited minutes of long-distance calling in Canada and the U.S., calling other places will cost you. And some plans charge separate long-distance rates, even if you are calling someone in the U.S.

Costs of Broadband Phone Service Plans

Both companies offer a slate of broadband phone services. For your convenience, I’ve compared two broadband phone service plans from each company, a basic plan and a plan that may be more suited to a small business.

Primus TalkBroadband™ Phone Services

- Residential Basic Service, which includes a phone line, unlimited local calling, Touch Tone Service, Call Hold, Caller ID Block - $19.95 a month.

-TalkBroadband Pro (Basic Business Service) – Includes a phone number (from any of Primus’s 16 service areas), a basic directory listing, extension dialing, native 911, back up call forward, Call Hold, Caller ID Block - $27.95 a month.

There is a $39.00 basic activation fee. Additional features may be added for additional fees. Voicemail, for instance, is an additional $5.95 a month.

Vonage Broadband Phone Services

- Basic 500 Plan – offers 500 minutes per month anywhere in Canada and/or the U.S. - $19.95 a month.

- Province Unlimited Plan – offers unlimited calling anywhere in your local province as well as 500 Anytime Minutes to the rest of Canada and the U.S. - $34.99 a month.

There is a basic activation fee of $39.99 AND a shipping and handling fee of $19.99. So if you choose the Basic 500 plan, your first month’s bill would be $94.97.

All Vonage broadband phone service accounts include free features such as Voicemail, Caller ID, call waiting, and call forwarding. Features such as fax service can be added for additional fees.

The Bottom Line on Broadband Phone Service

If you just like new, cool stuff, leap into it.

Otherwise, don’t throw away your landline. A broadband phone may work well for you as a second phone IF you make a lot of long distance phone calls. Even if you do, looking at the broadband plan rates, I would shop around for long-distance carriers. There’s so much phone service competition right now, you may get a better deal with a traditional long-distance carrier.

However, keep your eyes on broadband phone services. With so many companies jumping onto the broadband bandwagon, rates will come down.

Ready to get broadband Internet?

If you've got a broadband Internet connection, This blog is a service you can use to make Internet phone calls at significant savings over analog calling. Here's how it works:

1. We sends your phone call across the Internet.
2. Your calls go through your modem.
3. Your phone adaptor splits your high-speed broadband Internet connection.
4. Your Internet connection should work as it did before you installed the phone adaptor - sending emails and other web data to your personal computer.
5. Your phone calls are sent through your phone adaptor to your regular or cordless phone.

Ready to get broadband Internet? Choose a plan and sign up for service. There are many Internet phone service on this blog for home and office. These plans are here to meet your needs. Uses your broadband connection to make and receive calls and get low international rates.

Find your Broadband today. Just look around you find the one thats good for you.

What is broadband?

Broadband is the common term for a high bandwidth internet connection one that can send or download information many times faster than with a standard telephone and modem. You can do everything you want to do online more quickly and more easily with broadband:

* Your internet access is always on, like electricity or tap water
* You don't have the trouble of dialling-up and logging-on each time you want to do something online
* You're always in touch with your customers and suppliers, friends and family are only a click away with email or instant messaging
* There are no surprise costs or restrictions on accessing the internet
* With ADSL, you can still make and take normal telephone calls while on the internet
* Download complex and graphic-rich websites virtually instantly
* Download music, animations and video clips faster than ever
* Play interactive games at top speed against gamers around the world
* Receive internet radio and other real time services without interruption
* Run your business more efficiently and effectively
* Work from home with high speed access to corporate networks and symmetric broadband services

Internet telephony and VoIP: What's the difference?

Internet telephony and VoIP: What's the difference?

By Ted Wallingford

If you want to dive into the world of Internet telephony but prefer to use your existing phone—not VoIP software on your Mac—as your primary calling device, you might consider subscribing to an Internet telephony service provider (ITSP). An ITSP uses your broadband Internet connection to deliver telephone service to your home or office, usually at a steeply discounted rate. Unlike desktop VoIP tools, ITSPs don’t require that you use your computer to place and receive calls.

It works like this: when you subscribe to an ITSP such as Packet8, Vonage, or BroadVoice, you receive an analog telephone adapter (ATA), either through the mail or with the service bundle purchased at an electronics retailer. This ATA connects to your broadband router and your telephone, acting as a go-between and performing the signal translation that allows your analog telephone to communicate with the ITSP through your broadband connection.

The ITSP assigns you a phone number (or completes the transfer of your existing number, if you prefer). Other people can call you at this number, whether they’re dialing via an ITSP or a traditional phone company, and it doesn’t have to have a local area code. In fact, there’s no reason why somebody who has recently moved from New York to San Diego can’t order a New York number to make it cheap for friends back east to keep in touch.

When you pick up your new Internet-connected phone, you’ll hear a standard dial tone. You dial phone numbers the same old way, and your phone will ring as usual when you receive a call. A few ITSPs let you transform your Mac or PC into a phone that can place and receive calls using the ITSP account, through a piece of software called a soft phone. Using a soft phone and your MacBook Pro, for example, you can tote your home phone line in your briefcase wherever you go. As soon as you connect your computer to the Internet—at a hotel, in the airport, at a relative’s house—you can place and receive calls as if you were sitting in your own living room.

Though it’s easy to confuse soft phones with desktop VoIP tools such as Skype, the latter are not soft phones, and you can’t use them with your ITSP service. If soft-phone calling appeals to you, ask your prospective ITSP whether it supports a Mac-compatible soft phone such as CounterPath’s X-Pro or SJ Labs’ SJphone. However, you can use Internet telephony products such as Phlink 3.0 (4.0 mice) and PhoneValet Message Center 4.0 (4.5 mice).

ITSP call quality is comparable to that of a traditional land line or cell phone. Of course, when your phone shares the Internet connection with your Mac and other devices on a LAN (local area network), it is subject to the same traffic jams and slowdowns that occur with other Web applications—except that poor Internet performance has a devastating effect on Internet telephony. A service slowdown at your ISP could make your phone calls sound bad or even disconnect.

Thankfully, most broadband connections can carry a few Internet apps—say, an FTP download and a Web-browser session—before you notice an impact on your telephone calls. The truly network-savvy user can buy a third-party device that, when connected to a broadband router, gives phone traffic higher priority, to avoid quality problems.

If having emergency dialing is important to you, ask how the ITSP will handle 911 calls and get its assurance that it can route such calls—before you sign up. Finally, consider using your current ISP. Many ISPs, including Comcast, Verizon, and Speakeasy, offer ITSPs, and they might give you a discount on your Internet service just for signing up for one.

[Ted Wallingford is the author of Switching to VoIP and VoIP Hacks (both O’Reilly, 2005) and an independent technology consultant based in Elyria, Ohio. He updates the Web site semiannually.]

Friday, September 29, 2006

Veriuni Wireless Service

Veriuni Wireless is excited to offer you the most comprehensive wireless solution available today. With Veriuni Wireless Service, you have access to the most plans, with the most carriers, available to the most number of people. Whether you're looking for the perfect plan with your favorite carrier, a specialized phone, the best value, or even trying to overcome a credit problem, Veriuni Wireless Service will have a solution for you.

Veriuni Wireless Service provides 98 percent of the United States the ability to order a wireless plan. Best of all, several plans comes with a FREE PHONE offer along with FREE ACCESSORIES. Veriuni brings you a single source for more than six wireless carriers, dozens of plans and a variety of latest in wireless phones.

In addition, Veriuni Wireless Service provides you an excellent opportunity to market a product that has proven demand in the marketplace resulting in an on-going income generating revenue stream. With numerous plans to select from, Veriuni Wireless has the plan to fit either you or your prospective customers.

An online "rate plan wizard" makes it easy to identify which plan is best for you based upon a whole host of wireless plan features.

There are wireless packages for everyone; the pre-paid Liberty Wireless plan is perfect for any customer with credit problems or for those who do not want a long-term commitment. Stay connected in a wireless world with the best possible value and most complete solution.

The freedom of choice!

* FREE phone and accessories available with select plans
* Ability to select from multiple carriers
* Ability to select from multiple plans
* Ability to select from multiple phones
* Additionally, you can now keep your phone number when you switch carriers

Veriuni FonVantage offers

Discover the revolutionary new technology that puts you in control - Veriuni FonVantage offers you the same crystal clear experience that your local company does but for a FRACTION of the cost!

You'll also get more of the features your business and personal life demands, including voicemail, call waiting, caller ID, call forwarding, and more FREE.

Want to keep your existing number? Want a new number? No problem!

With Veriuni's new FonVantage, you can transfer your existing number or get a new one easily. You can even pick a local area code for your out-of-town family and friends, eliminating their long-distance charges when they call you.

And with FonVantage, ALL your calls are unlimited, so you never pay for long distance to the U.S. or Canada - regardless of your area code.


* Anonymous call rejection
* Call forwarding
* Call waiting
* 3-way calling
* Last number redial
* Call trace
* Speed dialing
* Do not disturb
* Voice mailbox
* Message management
* Message notification


All the same features of the STANDARD plan, plus...

* CommPilot Call Manager Interface and Web Portal
* Selective call acceptance and rejection
* Simultaneous ring
* Call transfer and consultant hold

The best part? You get all this and more for as little as $29.95 a month, with our Standard plan or $39.95 a month with our Premium plan!

Why wait? Take control of your phone service and sign up for Veriuni's FonVantage Today!

About HomVantage

Keeping Phone Service Simple Browse the best Local and Long Distance providers from the comfort of your home or office. Plus

> Pick from the best local and long distance bundled plans
> Bring your current phone number with you
> Get popular calling features included Free with some plans

The Nation's Best Local & Long Distance Plans!

HomVantage was designed with you, the consumer, in mind. You shouldn't have to spend hours searching for the best carrier and the right calling plan for your needs.

HomVantage offers you a vast selection of the best carriers and plans for your calling needs. Choose from a variety of unlimited local and long distance calling plans, allowing you to call anyone in the country, talk as long as you want, as often as you want for one low monthly price, all on one bill. Or choose a low cost per minute Long Distance plan that will cut your Long Distance cost dramatically.

HomVantage offers calling plans to suit any lifestyle, choose from the most competitive local & long distance plans in your area from the nation's top carriers. From East to West Coast, from the Mid-west to the South, begin saving on your phone service today with our low rates.
The Nation's Best Carriers

The Right Calling Plans
Local Calling plans starting at under $20 a month
Long Distance Only Rates as low as 4.25¢/minute
Great instate and international rates

You have probably seen the commercials or heard the radio ads for other companies offering local and long distance calling plans. Before any carrier can be added to the HomVantage site, they are put through a rigorous due diligence check to ensure that you are only exposed to the more qualified carrier options.

Accelerate Your Web Experience

Accelerate Your Web Experience

Veriuni is proud to announce The Accelerator. Speed up your Dial-up connection by 500-700%! For pennies a day, your connection can become the next best thing to DSL by using Accelerator!

Unlike costly broadband solutions, Accelerator is:

* Available anywhere there's a phone line
* Requires NO new hardware
* Easy to install
* Easy add-on to your current dialup
* Costs just pennies a day!
* Blocks unwanted pop-ups

If you surf the Internet using a dial-up connection, you are painfully aware of how slow websites load. Accelerator is a subscription-based service that works with your existing ISP dial-up connection, increasing your surfing speed by 500-700%! Pages that previously took 30 seconds to load can now be viewed in less than 7 seconds on average, and sometimes even faster!

Specifically, Accelerator speeds up the delivery of Web pages four ways:

Compression. Accelerator delivers text and graphics more efficiently, using a proprietary compression technology that significantly reduces the size of Web pages and page elements sent to your browser.

Caching. Accelerator improves upon your browser's caching ability. Accelerator intelligently retains and reuses Web pages and page elements that have previously been sent to your PC. That's why the longer Accelerator is in use on your PC, the faster your Web pages will load.

Persistent Connections. Accelerator uses proprietary techniques to carefully manage and optimize the communication between your modem and our network of servers through a persistent connection. This eliminates the time wasted re-establishing and closing TCP/IP connections.

Optional Content Filtering. Accelerator lets you block unsolicited content, such as pop-up ads and in page ads, which contributes to long wait times.

What gets accelerated...

* All text (HTML, markup, Javascript)
* Most graphics/photos (JPEG & GIF)
* Most banner ads
* All browser-based emails
* All emails that contain images, even when read in a dedicated email program

It runs on most Microsoft Windows-based PC systems, including virtually any PC purchased within the last 4 years. Best of all it does not interfere with other software or applications that you use

How fast is it?

Web Site Before Accelerator With Accelerator How Much Faster?
Ebay 11.65 seconds 2.97 seconds 3.92 X faster
USA Today 32.43 seconds 3.77 seconds 8.60 X faster
Mapquest 30.56 seconds 5.01 seconds 6.10 X faster 11.74 seconds 3.04 seconds 3.86 X faster
CNN 11.68 seconds 2.26 seconds 5.17 X faster
Average time calculated based on loading the home page. First time visit to a web page loads on average 2 times faster; subsequent visits to the page load, on average, 3 times faster.

Accelerator ($7.95)

Click here to Order!

Veriuni Broadband

Why settle for dial-up when you can have the speed and power of a broadband connection? Today more than 50% of the US is experiencing the Web through a high speed Internet service.

Equipped to provide you and your customers with the right service, Veriuni Broadband lets you choose from local available carriers for DSL or Cable Internet service. What's more, Veriuni's network of carriers have provided thousands of customers with broadband services nationwide at the lowest prices available...GUARANTEED.

Don't wait, sign up today and start surfing the Web in high speed!
Keeping Phone Service Simple

* Pick from the best local and long distance bundled plans

* Bring your current phone number with you

* Get popular calling features included Free with some plans

You have probably seen the commercials or heard the radio ads for other companies offering local and long distance calling plans. Before any carrier can be added to the HomVantage site, they are put through a rigorous due diligence check to ensure that you are only exposed to the more qualified carrier options. Just click the link below. Then, enter your area code & prefix in the appropriate fields to view plans available in your area. If you are looking for new service, enter a common area code & prefix near your location.

Click here to view your options for HomVantage

Get more for less with FonVantage®

First Month Special - Get $5 off your first month of service, you pay only $24.95!!

FonVantage® is the complete broadband phone service for your busy lifestyle. With FonVantage®, you get all the calling features you need to run your home with ease and efficiency. Features like call waiting, caller ID, 3 way calling, call forwarding, and voicemail are included in the cost of the plan. Plus you get unlimited calling to anywhere in the US and Canada and a web portal that lets you manage your account features any time, day or night. FonVantage® gives you all this and more for one, low monthly fee, making FonVantage® Broadband Phone Service simple and extremely affordable. *$24.95 good for the first month only, every month thereafter service fee is $29.95

Your FonVantage® account does not offer faxing due to the number of uncontrollable factors outside of our service that may not be supported should you experience any difficulties.


• Anonymous call rejection
• Call forwarding
• Call waiting
• 3-way calling
• Last number redial
• Call trace
• Speed dialing
• Do not disturb
• Voice mailbox
• Message management
• Message notification


All the same features of the STANDARD plan, plus...

• CommPilot Call Manager Interface and Web Portal
• Selective call acceptance and rejection
• Simultaneous ring
• Call transfer and consultant hold

All this and more for as little as $29.95 a month, with the Standard plan or $39.95 a month with the Premium plan!


Voip Features


voip offers all the calling features you want for less than traditional phone companies. Plus you get extra great features that you can manage online. Let's see your phone company do that!

VOIP - Internet Telephone Service

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